About Us

Bricks2Spare is run by a family of LEGO enthusiasts.  We buy LEGO in bulk or incomplete sets and sell spare parts and complete sets. Really complete, even with the extra parts that should be there.  All sets we sell are clean and in good condition. No major scratches or damages.

If you want to sell your LEGO just contact us and we can give you a quote. Depending on what's missing and how big the set is, we can work something out. We're also interested in unsorted bulk, we pay per gram.

If you want to buy a set or just spare parts, have a look in our shop. If you can't find it there, contact us because we receive parts on a daily basis. If you want more than the initial parts that are available, contact us as well. We can search them for you and make sure all your parts are in one place so you don't have to visit multiple shops, pay shipping costs multiple times and meet all the minimum order requirement.